TopicWhat is a Chelnium sign?

  • Sun 3rd May 2020 - 11:44am

    One of the most widely used types of billboards today is the Chelnium panel, which consists of two components, the composite panel and the prominent letters of the Chelnium. LED lamps are used for lighting in the Chelnium panel or the prominent letterboard. The embossed letters are first designed in the curl program, then the desired design is laser-labeled with metal sheets at an angle or circular on the plexi glass, which has different colors.
    The main difference between Chelnium and other types of boards is that the letters of Chelnium are three-dimensional and each letter is formed separately and has a separate compartment.
    Chelnium is a high-quality aluminum alloy that is resistant to environmental factors such as heat, cold, sunlight and rain, and is highly resistant to impact, first marketed by MCI Spain.

    The reason aluminum is used to make Chelnium panels is that they are lightweight and do not rust. Chelnium is made from a combination of aluminum and steel, but it looks like steel. It has the beauty of steel and the durability and longevity of aluminum.
    Chanelium, like the prominent plastic letters, does not absorb dust, does not rust, and has lasting color stability over time.
    The components of the Chelnium panel include the following:
    Chelnium Edge: In a standard Chelnium panel, the depth of each edge is usually 7, 9 and 11 cm. One of the advantages of the Chelnium Edge is its sponge tape, which prevents water and dust from entering the embossed letters and prevents water from penetrating the Chelnium panel circuit and burning it.
    Plexiglas: Plexiglas is used to distribute light evenly and clearly.
    Smd lamp: smd lamp is used inside the embossed letters. The higher the quality of the smd bulb, the higher the light intensity and longevity of similar bulbs. Chelnium panels can be supplied in two ways, with or without light, but today, SMD lamps are used in almost all Chelnium panels that have internal lighting.
    PVC sheet: This sheet is the substructure of Chelnium board and is used as an adhesive for smds.
    Transformer or power supply: The function of this source is to convert city electricity to 12 volts.
    To install the Chelnium letters on the board, first the PVC sheet is screwed on the background of the board, then the smd lamp wires are taken to the back of the board, the Chelnium letters are installed on the PVC sheet and the power supply is placed on the back of the board, then the wire. The ones brought in front of the board are connected together and connected to the power supply.
    Highlights of the prominent letters of the letters Chenlium (Chelnium):
    1- Washing ability
    2- Longitudinal life
    3- Very diverse colors
    4- Flexibility in any size and design
    5- Resistant to cold, heat and heavy rainfall
    6- Beautiful exposure and attracting the attention of the Chelnium sign
    7- High quality Chelnium material that prevents the panel from rusting.
    8- Very low power consumption
    Types of Chelnium board models:
    One-way, two-way Chelnium panel
    Mirror steel and gold edge

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